Could our relationship have a second chance when the first one was really great?

We had a great relationship. It was short but amazing. He told me how he fell for me more each day how great I was and we got along great and connected on everything. Our families and freinds saw how happy we were. He then fell into a stressful situation over no work. Closed off and then broke up with me telling me he felt like we were not growing/connecting and not having feelings what he thought he should by that time. I believe to be untrue. He initiated contact first after. We been broken up for 3 months we still talked joked around etc and had sex a few times. Times where I believed it was just sex and others where i believed it was more. I always stayed over and it was always passionate and him loving. He got a job after we broke up a temp job and then a summer one. I now have to see him everyday at a summer camp he works at. We catch eah other looking at each other and all the counselors know we had something bc of fb pics and they also see us looking at each other. Past couple weeks we hadn't really texted bc busy, but I am thinking of telling him how I still feel. I feel the bu can have another shot and it was dumb initially. He also told his bff who i know a few months ago that he needed to get life in order before he can take care of smeone else. Help!!! is there a possibility of us again? We never faught or anything. Lay it on the table?
  • Yes, it wasn't anything bad that broke you guys up
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  • undecided -not sure, ned moe info
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  • undecided -not sure, ned moe info


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  • Maybe, don't know


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