My ex really just did this to me? please answer?

2 year relationship with my girl & she started losing feelings and attraction towards me I'm guessing. She basically doesn't love me anymore. She broke up with me because i caught her texting a guy she finds attractive and i made a big deal out of it. she blocked my number & everything. After 2 weeks of No contact, I msged her and told her how I felt and apologized for everything I've done and she said she rather be alone. She mentioned how I treated her in the past affects her and she can't get over it so she'd rather be alone. She said I was holding her back from her future in school. I messed up a few times, I did small things to break her trust. I've done no contact a few times before like a month ago and she'd come running right back after a few days.

She said she still cares for me & she thinks about me a lot. She said she wouldn't mind still being in contact. (What's she mean by this exactly?) Which is weird, because usually she's the emotional one always hurt. In the past when we broke up, she told me she couldn't be friends because she loved me too much. So I guess she doesn't love me anymore. But anyways That's when I just didn't reply to her. Then she said "You can't say all of that and then ignore me?" I didn't reply after that. So as of now I'll just get over her. Should I continue to ignore her and then proceed with no contact? or should i message back? I'd love to be back with her but as of now it doesn't seem like it's happening. What' to do?
My ex really just did this to me? please answer?
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