I considering breaking it off with this guys and I need some help/opinions?

So I realise my views on this may be very well wrong, but I'd just like to say it all and get any and all opinions.
So, after being close friends with this guy, I finally agreed to go out with him. That was about 6 weeks ago. However, 2 weeks prior to that, we had a few problems. A few of the are related to my parents. My parents are loving and protect but may come across as a little strict. He would criticise my parents choice about them earlier not wanting me to have a boyfriend, not letting me go out with him a lot etc. Others are due to my actions. Its narrowed down to me being idiotic, insensitive etc etc with what I say, do, think and such. For things that I feel like, not spending heaps of time together and not wanting to get intimate. I had explained to him that just because we were going out that wouldn't mean that my parents would suddenly let me see him more often.
I also explained that I was asexual and wasn't comfortable with touchy feely stuff. I was okay with hugs every now and then, but nothing much else.
but I just feel like everything is my fault. Everything I do/don't do hurts/upsets him. He's always questioning what I do/don't do and justifying why I should/shouldn't do things. And I'm just lost and don't know what to do.
Added to that all, he recently told me that his parents where concerned about his mental health as we got so frustrated/annoyed with things from my side. His mental health apparently is spiralling down. He also said he has spent more time trying to work things out rather than on his studies even though I have said many times not to.
I don't want to be hurting, upsetting or affecting him like this any more. I can see in many different ways from what I've see, it's not good for him at all. And it's affecting me too. Im thinking that breaking up/some distance might be the best course of action. We've tried working things out for almost 8 weeks, but it isn't getting any better. Any advice or opinions on any/all of what I've said?

I considering breaking it off with this guys and I need some help/opinions?
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