This has been really tough I really need help and advice please?

Im just a guy in love who lost the love of my life i knew her 4 years we dated almost 3 years I've been chasing her for 10 months after the break up she said she broke up with me over text because i wanted to use her friend and those of my friends which i only did because she always blocked me she also say i made her look and feel dumb asf i asked her how and she never told me she also say because i was stubborn asf and dont know how to let go of a grudge she says i judge to much and i can't take jokes she also says she broke up with me because she started liking someone new she told me to leave her alone and she doesn't want to talk to me she doesn't care to hear what i have to say so one day i woke up early in the morning to go see her i walked 4 hours just to see her it was 90 degrees that day but i didn't care i want to see her but she told me go home and leave her alone I've recently started becoming ill not eating losing sleep for days I've tried moving on plenty of times i try my hardest i really want her in my life but she threw me out of hers she has a new boyfriend I've never even seen befor she claims he's the perfect guy on her social media I've been blocked everywhere i can't call her on her phone im on call fowarding i can't text her because im blocked everytime i text her she reads my messages and thats it last response from her was we need to go our separate ways and i dont need to hear what you have to say its just been the same bs you've been telling me and keep your feeling to yourself now stop blowing up my phone and leave me alone i really do want her back in my life i turned my life around and ill do anything it takes honestly for that one last chance with her i really love her and miss her 😞
This has been really tough I really need help and advice please?
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