What do I have to lose kinda long. Help with ex?

Me and my ex's relationship was great. he was someone whom I saw growing a life with. We had great chemistry connected on every level and are very similar in interests and things we say and like. The relationship was brief 3 months but in those 3 months it was great. Our families and freinds saw how happy we were. Thinking this is the guy. He always said how amazing i was and how he fell more for me everyday. he became stressed with no job and closed off. Broke it off with me after a month of closing off saying he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and not seeing him say i love you and felt like we werent growing which is crazy to think before it was different. Was it the stress? Well we still talked he contacted first. Joked around texted and had sex a few times. The last time was July and then I asked him to come to my place he said he had a lot going on and wasn't sure how he felt. I now see him everyday at a summer camp im helping at. He stares at me all the time we catch each other looking at each other and other counselors know there was soemthing with us and still detects there is. He texted me after the first day and hasn't texted really since. He has answered my texts then other times no. he says little things to me sometimes at camp and the other night I said something that he said I sounded like him bc he would say that. I want to still tell him I still have feelings for him but dont know how to go about it. Help! I feel something is still there and worth just saying it. If nothing comes about so be it at least i tried. Could there still be potential? I see it and believe it but I don't know about vice versa


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  • It sounds like there's still potential, but he's giving off mixed signals, so tread lightly.

    You could try having a heart to heart with him (may be your best option), but that might not help if he doesn't know what he wants.

    • I feel like he is too. Since the bu (3months) like i said we talked and had sex a few times and the last time he had a lot going on and not sure how he felt about everything. not sure if it was about our situation or what. I just have to come out and tell him. trying to figure the best time and through text or in person if he would give me a time to see him or not.

  • Well if he keeps not replying then there's something holding him back. Maybe the fact you guys did break up is why he feels he shouldn't contact you. But Yeh just go and tell him straight.

    • Yeah, I will eventually tell him thinking after this week at camp to not make it more awkward and not sure if i should wait until after his birthday too or when the best time ti do it is. He generally stinks at texting sometimes and we have been broken up for 3 months but he initiated talking after the bu so im not sure. Thinking of the best way to tell him text? not sure if he would get together with me or not in person

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    • Very true, Ill try and see if he will meet me in person first if not ill just text it

    • :) worth a try

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