Do people show their true colours after a break up?

It's bugging me a lot lately since my ex left me an how she did, she left me very poorly an went straight too another guy...

The hard thing I'm accepting is this really her?
she was so loving an caring, she would always talk too me and listen.. We would have hour long convos, about what we love an enjoy etc, she would get emotional seeing cute cats, animals on tv, sad films...
she seemed too had a soft spirit...

but since she left me for this other guy what was out of the blue, totally out of the blue, I just went too work like any other day after spending the morning together making breakfast an coffee. And she left me over text, pretty much...
It's just keeps hitting me, was she hiding a dark personality?

she said some very hurtful things too me after dumping, she said I want you too fuck someone else too get over me! I have.. She said multiple times she hates me, I put her through hell.. She stopped caring about me ages ago...

The sad thing is when she was saying this stuff too me I was just there in tears just asking for her too calm down an talk too me normally, but she wouldn't have it.. She slagged my name off too multiple friends, her family, even mine..

"My friends keep saying she was a good actress bro" they're all totally shocked too what's gone on too.

I believe it's her new partner manipulating her too be like this, because I never saw a bad bone in her till she left me... So what's your thoughts?


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  • Without knowing her, I can't tell for sure if she has always had that anger inside of her and it just floated back up to the surface or if there was something that happened in your relationship that angrily turned her against you. Whatever the case may be, her behavior was totally unacceptable and it really does speak to her character. She didn't have to be so cruel and nasty with an act that was already very cold. I doubt that her new partner has brought on the whole new change. He may be influencing her to stop trying to do better and be better, but for something like that to come out of her, it must have already been there.

    Everyone gets angry and says things they don't mean sometimes but she took it way too far.

    • We had a very loving passionate relationship..
      We was together two years, in the 2nd year tho, that's when things got up an down, because I moved city.. But I moved back too be with her 2-3 months ago, an she left me after a week.
      When I worked away for that period of 10 months I was a manager, an it lead me too being very stressed an upset, so it lead too me an her having pointless an out of control arguments, but the arguments never meant anything they was start small, an end up huge.. But On the flipside I spoilt her gave her everything, shopping, clothes, tattoos gifts, days out, we was looking at holidays in the week before she dumped me off.. I did so many loving an caring things for her, but she feels the grass is greener with this other guy, some fat bum in his 30s she's only 18 I'm 23, I could of understood if he was more alpha, but he isn't.. I work out 4-5 time a week, don't really drink an get wasted, but that's all she does now with him. she knows I still love her.

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    • A chain message after 30-40 days of NC is up..

    • Your heart is an idiot. Listen to your head. Stop overanalyzing, stop reminiscing, and stop trying to convince yourself that she's not a major piece of sh*t for how she treated you. Not only that, but she has another boyfriend. I'm sorry but you look really pathetic with the way you are thinking and talking about this girl and plotting to not talk to her for about a month then hope she'll want you back even though she has a boyfriend and she screwed you over. That plan is pitiful and it makes you look like an abandoned, abused puppy who's lingering around on someone's doorstep and plans to continue even though they had the door slammed in their face.

      You need to let this go for your own good. Stop being in the mindset to subject yourself to such shitty treatment.

  • Its really hard to know what goes on in someones head but I think two things might have happend/will happen here.

    1. She probably wanted out a while so she has finished "grieving" the end of your relationship by the time she broke up with you. Thats why she doesn't feel any sadness right now cos she is already done feeling it (if she ever did feel/ can feel).
    Now she wants to go on with life and it probably bugs her that you are not at the same place as her (maybe your reactions are making her feel quilty for hurting you) That is her problem tho, dont let her make you feel like you are in the wrong for being upset by her actions. You have every right to be sad.

    2. There will come a day when this will happen to her and she will regret everything she has said and done to you. She will ask you for your forgiveness. Trust me on this one.

    • It's just so out of the blue, I could of understood a lot better, if she mentioned she might of had doubts, but the last month I spent working away, she speant the week with me, totally in love an dreading going home; an when I did come home she was loving it; she was happy, I just don't get why I wasn't good enough anymore? I genuinely believe it's down too this guy, I believe she's opened up too him, an he's taken full of advantage, an pulled her away, I got some of my lady friends too do some home work an him an apparently he has a rep, even tho he looks disgusting.. If she doesn't get back, I want her too realise it, but I don't believe it'll happen... I always looked after very well, even when times was bad, she knew I loved her.. And she knew I never meant it... I had her name on me for fuck sake! I just don't know what too do anymore

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    • Thank you, it does make me feel better saying I deserve better... just struggling, the only thing that makes me feel better is talking atm

    • Then talk about it until you dont want to talk about it anymore. But also try to change the way you think about her, try to remember that this is not the kind of person you want to share a life with. Good luck! Hang in there! This too shall pass :)

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