Closure from an ex?

I had my heart broken really badly by my ex six months ago and Im still trying to get over it all. He just completely crushed me and never looked back. My girlfriends suggested that I write him an email and pretty much tell him what it did to me and how much of a mess me made. But I know he won't reply (probably not even care) so this will simply be a way for me to get it all out of my system. But I'm not really sure if it will really help. Then again nothing else seems to be helping either so... Would you do it?


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  • You could write it all out and just let everything flow. The hurt, emotions, love, memories, everything. Just write it all out and bare it all on that note or email. Then you can choose to send it or not, but I find writing it all down to be a good form of catharsis and I feel better afterwards. Maybe it will be the same for you?

    • Right now I think I might just do this, I'll write all the sh*t down in a letter and then keep it to myself for a while. Should I feel I need to actually send it off then I'll do it, but I'm hoping just writing it down will be enough for me and help me a bit further along this process. Thanks for suggesting it :)

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    • Hey! Sorry about the late reply, I haven't checked this page in a while. Yes, it really did help me! It helped to see it all written down and it helped me see things a bit clearer. I'm not "fixed" but I feel more free. I've let more go of the hurt and I really needed to do that. So I've also decided not to send this grand letter to my ex cos I'm a little worried it's going to take me back a few steps. And besides, I really dont feel a need to tell him any of the stuff I've been going through lately. Thank you so much for checking back in, you are a kind soul mister:)

    • Thank you very much miss and I am just glad I was able to offer advice that helped free you and helped you to see more clearly. That's all I could have hoped for and it makes me feel good that I was able to at least help you get started on the healing path. I while heartedly agree with you not sending it. Good luck to you in the future and may the healing continue ❤️

  • I am trying too, more than 1 year


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  • Never make your ex feel that you're broken or weak without him, even if you're dying inside never tell him or write him anything, don't give him the chance to see you suffer.
    well, there is a methodm i've tried out lately, and actually it made me feel better; record a voice note of you saying all what you feel inside and what you really want to tell him and when you finish delete it or save it, as you wish. but it really works good for me, hope you as well :)

    • Yeah i forgot to mention that the "No contact rule" can bring him back to you, after i had tried it with my ex boyfriend for a year, he then kept begging me to get back together.

    • I will try this. I started writing down what I feel like getting of my chest but I dont know if I will send it or just leave it once I've finished writing it. Perhaps just writing it will give me the closure I need. I know he won't reply or care so I dont expect any sort of apology or explanation from him. Thats not what this is about. And should he reply then I won't maintain any further contact with him, I dont want him back, I just want the hurt to go away.

      Thanks for your suggestion tho, I will try reading it outloud to myself once I'm done :)

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