What kind of women do aspiring business men like? What do they expect from women? What qualities?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't think I was improving myself fast enough. He is not from the U. S and is from the middle east and always needed a lot of help with English matters, questions about the country and business questions, how to do this, that, etc. He is quite smart and would try to always build something and wanted to own his own business. We tried together but because of me, they didn't prosper. My experience and fear of failing were major factors. I also felt a lot of pressure from him to always be improving myself in general. I also want greater things in life , like to be financially independent but I admit I'm still figuring it out. There's a lot I don't know and this frustrated him. He would shout, curse and get angry because of this a lot. He is 30 and I'm 23.

I want to get some perspective on what you guys think, what do men want from women, what expectations would you consider fair and unfair in a relationship.


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  • well he should be more patient with you cause you are young. but to be frank most women aren't cut for the business world. its too hardcore for them and they can't handle the pressure. most of them at least. well what you should do? become more man-like unfortunately. thats most women do if they want to survive in the savage business jungle... .

    • Thank you for your reply, his previous girlfriend was Chinese and apparently extremely smart and very good in business. He would compare me to Chinese people a lot and say I should be like them in terms of productivity

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  • Cook, clean, give me whatever kind of sex I'm in the mood for.

    • I already do all of that!! He think I need to improve in terms of improving myself financially and work towards goals , etc

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    • Can you elaborate? He says I'm lazy ! I cook and clean and take care of the bills , rent. (We spilt it , but I do the transactions). He thinks I'm lazy in terms of not having clear goals for life and not improving myself in general or working hard enough when we do joint business projects.
      I do struggle with this... I do lack creativity in this.

      What do you consider a lazy woman? ? I'd like to hear

    • Sounds like he has already given you his definition. Honestly, he has no right to have expectations on how you plan your own life. Until there's a ring on your finger, he has no say. But, yeah, goals are a good idea. You said it was your fault businesses failed. Maybe work on some of those self-defeating attitudes first

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  • There are a lot of businessmen with really diverse tastes.


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