It it OK to wish them happiness but not happiness in their new relationship?

Pretty self explanatory. Is it o-k for me to wish my ex happiness in everything that he does because I still care about him and love him. But not really wish happiness in his relationship with his new girl? It's not like I hope they break up or anything, I just don't care about his new relationship. I thought that maybe I was wrong for feeling this way so I wanted everyone's opinion.


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  • yeah sounds fake..


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  • I think if you extend happy wishes to an ex, it should be in every respect. I don't think it should apply to certain areas only. In order to attain closure, I think wishing him all the best and happiness always is the best way to go.

    I understand your feelings about your ex. I always tried to wish my ex happiness, and if that meant the girl he dated after me was the "one" then so be it. My relationship with him was over and he is entitled to be happy and find someone who is suitable for him. I am entitled to the same things, I just didn't find them with him. This is the way I look at it.


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