Does my crush mean it when he says he's not interested and to get a life?

Ok, I have had a major crush on this guy for 3 years. He has dropped lots of clues that he likes me, especially over the last year. But today, I checked my Instagram and I had a private message from him. I was really happy because I had last said I liked him. He seemed so angry. I mean, he said:
I am a year older than you!!! I am NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!! GET A LIFE!!!
Hey, first major major crush and that is how he reacts. If a guy says he likes me and I don't love him, I say:
"I'm really sorry, but I don't love you but I would love to be friends with you." but he acts like a complete JERK and does THAT to me. Ok, how rude. He has obviously never been in love and doesn't know how it is. I mean, I was pretty annoying, texting him every minute, liking every photo, tagging him into everything, like, I was obsessed. But WHAT DO I DO WITH LIFE NOW? I need love!!! I need a guy to think about and stuff. And how do i get over this?


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  • Life is so much more than finding love. For a change try pursuing your dreams.


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  • It doesn't matter if he means it or not. You do not let someone who disrespects you like that into your life. You deserve better.

    And then you go out and live your life. You already have the love of your family and friends. You do not need a romantic relationship to complete you.


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  • You find a guy who isn't a total ass. And next time don't drive him insane lol. You live and learn. You're young you'll find someone else. Focus on other stuff right now like friends, school, sports, hobbies, etc.

  • Tell him what you're saying here... and then leave him alone. Make sure he knows that he handled it terribly and upset you, but that you will leave him be.


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