I'm just not feeling it anymore?

I've been engaged for a few months now and it's terrible. I can't marry this guy. The proposal was so basic. He took me to a jewelry store showed me a few rings then pulled out his ring and just asked will I be his wife. We've been together almost a year and haven't even been on many dates. During my birthday and Valentine's Day I got cards that just said love ****** in it. I want romance and he's not giving that to me. I want a man to tell me all the things he loves about me when he proposes and write something other than his name in a card.

I want him to call me and tell me to get dressed we are going out because he has plans instead of me always having to make plans. Yes he has good qualities but he has a ton of bad ones. He grew up where his parents didn't have a license and so he had to always stay home and take them out to different places. So it's difficult to communicate with him about things. I feel trapped because we just announced our engagement a few months ago and some people are still finding out. I need to end this on a good note but I don't know how.


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  • Don't end it please. Appreciate his simplicity

    • Desperately trying to

    • Well that is good, you might feel bad now but he might be worth your patience

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  • Girl sorry I feel like your asking way too much if your not doing for him like that why should he for you?

    • He sounds like a nice guy and you here are just like but he so not what I want like you know there so many women who are with abusive partners, girls who can't get a guy? and here you are taking what you have for granted?

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    • Well from my impression it sounds like he a nice guy and you just don't like him (like our saying to other people on this question) because he not romantic but there nothing else wrong with him.

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  • Damn bitch that's cold

  • How old are you?

  • You should leave him he deserves someone much sweeter and appreciative

    • Im not sweet because I want romance wow go figure

    • Yes he deserves someone who appreciates him and reading from the comments below i'm not the only one who thinks so