How to you accept the fact she might already be sleeping with someone else?

around a week ago I found out that the girl I had been pursuing all summer had given up on me and was seeing one of her co-workers. I wasn't sure how serious it was at the time but I saw them together at another bar a couple days ago. I'm not sure if they have slept together yet , she's not really the type for random sexual hook ups although she does party a lot. I just found it hard to even see them together after I got attached to her this summer. and even less sure how I'd deal with reality of them getting even closer and eventually having sex.
he also had this super arrogant look on his face when I saw him at the bar , I wanted to like punch him in the face after seeing that grin on him , I'm just having a hard time dealing with this , I realised earlier she might date someone else but had though it happen after the summer and when she returned to her normal routine not rate away


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  • How did you get "attached" when you haven't had one date with her? It seems that the cart got ahead of the horse.

    • had known about her before we "meet " had seen her profile online some time ago ( as we have some mutual friends ) and had a thing for her. so when we meet at the bar earlier in the summer I was pretty excited when she seemed to be into me , true we haven't been on a date I have seen her dozens of times this summer at bar and restaurant she works at , maybe she just got annoyed that I had been around her all summer and nothing had happened yet

    • Once a lady decides that she is interested in you, there is a small window of opportunity. If you don't make your move, she will get tired of waiting and move on to someone else. You may never have another chance with this girl, but you can learn this lesson: when you sense mutual interest, don't hesitate to move forward with a relationship.

    • she was more interested when we first meet , also suspect the mutual friends we shared might of said something to her that scared her off , they were some girls I had meet earlier at that same bar and might of been annoyed or hurt that I liked new girl more. I do agree that I had a better chance with her at the start of the summer and that would of been best time to make a move , my initial window of opportunity has closed

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