I had sex with my ex who has a new girlfriend?

My ex broke my heart about a month ago and I can't seem to let him go. I'm in a really vulnerable place right now in my life. A lot of things just aren't going the way I pictured them to go. And then my ex dumps me telling me he no longer has feelings for me and he is embarrassed to be seen with me because I am so overweight. I am 5 feet and 140 pounds, i know I could lose 20 pounds. He always called me pig and fat. He was the first person I ever gave myself too. I was a 22 year old virgin before I met him. I gave him everything he could ever want in a girlfriend. I was very open to any sexual things he wanted me to do.
After 2 years of dating, he dumps me and gets in a new relationship 2 weeks later with a girl he always told me was just a friend. A month later, we ended up hooking up while he was still with that other girl. I didn't say no because I love him. I want him back. I told his new girlfriend and she threatened to never call them ever again because apparently my ex told her im some stalker. He has been texting me to hang out with him ever since and we always hang out and I beg him to take me back. We end up hooking up each time. I am a prisoner to my own heart. I am in love with this man. He was the first man to call me beautiful. I cry every night thinking how another girl is wrapped around his arms and I am all alone.
I had sex with my ex who has a new girlfriend?
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