Why does my ex always think I'm talking about him?

He reads into the littlest things I do and thinks it's ALL about him. I don't want to contact him directly and upset him, but why is he so arrogant?
I feel kind of bad posting this, like I don't want to hurt his feelings. I actually hope he's doing well and not thinking of me.
And it's not that I don't care about him but we don't seem to be right for each other anymore. I still care about him though.


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  • Here's a question. Why are you friends with your ex still. Ex's CAN'T be friends


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  • If you post a shit all the time it's normal, I also thinked about this
    because my ex was filling her and her sisters page with a lot of phrases, statuses and things like that.

    I also start doing that to show her that she is nothing comparing to me,
    and eventually stopped.


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  • It could be arrogance but it also could be anxiety. Maybe he feels vulnerable about something and it's his defense mechanism. Or maybe he wants you to think of him a certain way so he responds as if you did. Either way it can be weird and confusing. You could point out what things are really about but if he's in a self deluding state maybe due to a mental health issue, he won't accept your explanation and say its only further proof of whatever weirdness his mind has seen things as.

    There are a few medical conditions that can cause paranoia. Some people immediately think of schizophrenia. But hormone imbalances can cause hallucinations or vivid/lucid dreaming. Brain tumors or some infections can cause changes in behavior. Some infections are common in a few countries depending on the area and these days usually warn travellers. But there was a place in Korea where the water was contaminated by something that could infect multiple species (including humans). Korea got it when a horse was brought over from Jordan that had drank from a contaminated water way there. The infection causes hallucinations, changes in personality and behavior.

    You could try to talk to him and explain you think he needs to be checked by a doctor. This could anger him. You might want to say something to a member of his family as long as they seem ok and they might get him help. Because life isn't very good for people with this sort of behavior they live angry or paranoid all the time.

    • He doesn't really accept what I say. So there's no point in trying to explain things.

    • Yes I suppose that is true. If your fighting all the time and can't find a peaceful spot where that doesn't happen sometimes you have to end it. Otherwise your both miserable. Sometimes people have problems being objective because their hurt or sensitive for some other reason. When they are like that there is nothing you can say to get through to them. Sadly only hitting rock bottom wakes some of them up.

  • Sounds to me like the opposite of arrogance. Low self-esteem. He's afraid you'll tell people things about him that only you know. Know anything he might be ashamed or embarrassed about?

    • That's sad. I just feel compassion for him really. But I worry that things are going to get misinterpreted and cause more confusion.

    • Breakups are never pleasant. Whatever his reason, it sounds like he's fixated on you. I hope for both your sakes he gets past that.

    • I hope so too

  • Well. He's kinda a narcissist it seems 😕


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