Guys, Does he still care? Did he really move on?

So for 8 months I dated my guy friend. We were the type of goofy best friend couple. To be honest I won't lie I broke up with him 4 times bc his way of being. But I mean I was stupid and kept running back. This last time was because he would act shady/moody and we wouldn't talk anymore. I was always the one texting first. He didn't seem as happy anymore so I ended things there. 3 days later he started calling another girl bae and said he regret dating me. Ok I admit he got to me, I was really upset. 1 week later he told my best friend he missed me and me being me I missed him too. We were planning to get back together but the next day he went back to the other girl. He would act like a flirt with many other girls, calling them baby girl and that sh*t. 1 month later he dated my friend behind my back. And I was furious. He broke up with her 2 weeks later because according to him he was thinking and was going threw a lot. But the next day he text me saying that he will always love me and that he gets sad because he doesn't have me anymore, and that maybe one day we can get back together and start fresh. 3 days later I found out that he "liked" some girl and said that he wanted to be with her. But like he would still bring up memories when we were together. 1 month later he called me at 4am asking if I missed us as a couple and honestly I did but I didn't say. 2 weeks later he told me that he hated me and that he's never going to forgive me for what I did to him. 2 days later he texted me again. Now he doesn't text me anymore, yea he brought up the past like twice, not as much as before. But I still miss him. I just don't know if he feels the same way. He's texting the same girl he was calling bae and has a heart around her name. I know she likes someone else. But yea
does he still have feelings?
Guys, Does he still care? Did he really move on?
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