What was the cause of your last breakup?

There are so many reasons for breaking up now, it makes me wonder why it is even worth getting into a relationship with another.
All votes are anonymous, but if you have broken up with another person please answer truthfully. If not one of the available options, then you can add an answer below.
  • Partner cheated on me
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  • Partner wanted intercourse outside of marriage
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  • Partner had poor personal hygiene
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  • Partner became lazy
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  • Partner was not that fun at all
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  • I felt as though I was not loved
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  • Partner had an unfortunate turn of events that left him/her a little less physically attractive than when we first fell in love
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Hi GaG community, I'm feeling positively overwhelmed with the responses to this question (and overwhelmed that I can't reply to all). Initially it seemed like the most common breakup cause was due to feeling cold and unloved but infidelity has surged with popularity recently on the poll. This question is designed to elicit responses that show how we act and cause pain to one another, so hopefully the answers can help some people to prevent their relationships from falling apart. Stay cool people.


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  • H - she went abroad to finish PhD.

    • Oh I hope you said farewells and best wishes and it wasn't an uncomfortable split. It always pays to be nice and respectful to people.

  • I did something wrong, once.

  • Jeolusy.

  • I'm too handsome so I had to leave.

  • My extra chest and shoulders hairs

  • Realized I didn't want someone like her in my life. So when I got into a new university I told her I didn't want to be with her. She also called me a whore so that was also a contributing factor.

  • I felt as though I was not loved

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    • img.photobucket.com/.../sadstean.gif

      Over the phone to :(

      Reason: Unknown mate

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    • I had a girl who broke up with via email. Said I was immature. Lol good times.

    • @howzit2015

      Sorry man, you were a victim of Female logic bro!

  • My penis was to big


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