Get over child's father?

We have 1 month old.. he told me we will never be together... He takes care of baby comes visit him everyday.. very hard to get over him when I have to see him all the time.. I'm just hurt.. I cry because of it a lot... Please help...


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  • Tell me why again you decided to have a baby without getting married first?

    Now you understand one of the reasons why you shouldn't have kids before marriage. Learn this lesson for the next baby.

    • I was hoping you'd give me advice on the actual topic, but I see your "one of those people "... Thank you , god bless you

    • I'm sorry honey but there's nothing you can do other than just wait for the pain to subside. The waiting is the hardest part and I know that personally from experience.

What Girls Said 2

  • How did this happen did u break up WhIle u where prego? Or was he the player type? Be happy he takes care of the baby. Your probably attached the idea of having a family with him. Once that idea fades you will get over him. I'm sorry this happend but at least he is involved with the baby

  • Some kids fathers are easier to get over than others. If they have tried to get around your consent and got you pregnant: holes in condoms and trying to inseminate you after putting their own semen in their mouth, or messing with birth control pills or other things like contraceptive sponges they soaked in seamen. Then they don`t deserve to be missed.

    Though maybe at one time you remember a friendship. One as perhaps children which you valued. But they weren't stable in a relationship and acted crazy so you started to argue, then they get you pregnant and you break up with them or they with you. After that they might play the "I don`t want to be with you." Well at the same time obviously seeing you because of the kid. They clearly know this upsets or hurts you. Especially if you have feelings of wanting family or frustration over what they did to you and your friendship. I consider it abusive.

    I suggest for your own sanity that perhaps you bring a friend and meet in public places to let him visit. Also that you get a custody order outlining both your rights and the rules of visitation. This makes things simpler. Then you reduce how much your own to their hurtful behavior and also help protect your child from being used as a tool to upset you. Because if they screw with your head before the child is born, or after, they will have no problem messing with your kids head. This means spoiling them or even getting your children to form hurtful views and they may reward them for expressing those views to you as they enjoy watching you be upset.


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