Did you feel bad when you see a picture of ex?

Today I saw a picture of my ex laying on the beach with two girls next to her.
I don't know what problem I have, but she break up with me 8 months ago.
I felt angry at some point and envy, afraid that she'd been with somebody else or she is
going to be and this kills me, I see her having family, friends, happy life an I'm just miserable,
since the breakup :( what can I do to feel better? why she is staying on my mind day after day...


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  • Because you truly loved her and your heart was broken. Go out and spend time with your family and friends. Distract yourself and keep yourself away from missing her. Its a habit to break and it will take time but you will get there

    • but it's already 8 months and I still feel connection with her.
      but she don't talk to me, do not care, do not search me and all that stuff and I'm angry,
      she was all my hapiness.. this kills me for sure.

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    • Don't say that, don't lose hope. Hang in there, you will never know.

    • couple days ago one very closer friend to me, told me that she started dating an our
      mutual friend, I realize that all my friends we're betrayal and I won't give a fuck about her anymore.

  • Most times it doesn`t. I guess it depends on which ex, the quality of that relationship, and how it ended. Some people or situations can leave you emotionally raw while others just leave you numb.

    • This is for sure, some of the relationships left a huge mark.

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