Why does my ex copy my actions?

If I go out and party he'll do the same ( and I mean on a Monday night type deal). If I miss class he'll miss class the next day? Its becoming more and more obvious to where I'm not even sure he notices or Id think he'd stop. Why do you think he does stuff like this? I'm almost getting to the point where I want to call him out and ask why he is being this way. Thanks in advance.


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What Guys Said 2

  • because he wants a revenge.
    He knows that he is better than you and do all the stuff he wants.

    • YEAAAA i dont get it. He copies me not vose versa

    • He regret for the things you've done and start acting like you,
      with the hope you being hurt.
      To return all the bad stuff and habist you have, to show to you that
      he also can do them and finally show you that he is beyond and above YOU.

  • Forget him. He is your ex now. Look another guy. Ignore him 💕


What Girls Said 1

  • He could have obsessive compulsive disorder but it depends on how much he does it. Also if its combined with something like bi polar or anxiety disorder it can get unpleasant. Sometimes guys behave this way because they miss you and want you back but occasionally they are doing it out of hostility.


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