Why would my ex say he loved me if he never had time to even see me?

Over the past month, my ex would text me and randomly say "i love you." He would even say it over the phone.

I felt that I needed to end things though because he never had time for me because of work. Even when I would call him, I would feel like he wasn't happy that I had called. I constantly felt like an inconvenience. He would try to explain and say that he had to work hard now on his business 'cause he doesn't want to work for someone else and be miserable later down the road.

Some time ago, I suggested a compromise, that we see each other at least 2x/week and he agreed to it. But a week later, it was clear that the compromise meant nothing to him. He even accused me of trying to make him change, and cited his experiences with past relationships.

Anyway, I decided to end things a couple days ago because I hadn't seen him in three weeks and during that time, not once did he suggest hanging out. I don't suggest anything myself anymore b/c I know he'll just say he doesn't have time. He would only bring up the idea if the conversation turned to sex.

But yet, what's with him saying "I love you" randomly over text? Is that some bullshit attempt to keep the relationship going? If you truly do love someone, don't you make time to see that person, even if it's just for 15 minutes?
Why would my ex say he loved me if he never had time to even see me?
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