Ex-gf has cancer; what now?

Have any of you been told that your ex girlfriend has had cancer or serious illness? how did you take it?
Not sure how to react or who to tell?


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  • You say, "sorry to hear that", and you move on. If you keep ties with an ex for any reason you will never be able to move on with a new relationship. I know this is harsh, but there is no point in remaining in contact with an ex. You have your relationship and other friends, and she has hers.

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    • Actually, the opposite is often true at that age. Someone who is part of a group then gets cancer will often get a lot of attention at first, but then the group gets caught up in being "young" and drifts away. The cancer patient cannot be as active or party, and often finds that they have been left alone. The patient would love to spend time with his/her friends, but they have no time for the patient.

      You may be the only one to support her. If you care about her, do not leave her alone.

    • Look at it from this point of view. What if you had a girlfriend and now you start paying attention to your ex. Cancer or not, your girlfriend is going to feel second place and become jealous. OR, what if your ex has a boyfriend and you start hanging out at the hospital, or visit her with flowers? You are now stepping on his toes and interfering with his relationship.

  • haven't had this scenario. very young, sorry.

    are you still talking?
    Live is about love, if she's open to your well wishes, let her know how special she is. or apologize for any wrong doings...

    talk to whoever... hope you have some good friends, else talk to a counselor, parents, etc..

    • i am only 27 .. we broke up 6 months ago and tbh i was over it had a good summer and when i decide i am done i am done normally. She seems in a positive way about it and has people around her so not sure what to do? Am scared the feelings might come back or leading her on?

    • You are a good guy you are putting thought into it and considering her feelings. If it ended well it is easier to just send a card. U understand girls well though that it may reignite her feelings.

      People who know u two and the relatiinship and how emotionally jacked up it was may better be abke to judge... maybe a friend of hers. Possible to send a carefully written get well card. Toughie...

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