Should I let him go or keep trying?

Married for4yrs, separated for 8mo. While being in this marriage I was mentally, physically &verbally abused, never had the courage to leave due to fear. While the last mo. Of being together I was going to school and old guy friend came into the picture (ed) Smethng I knew was wrong bc I was still married and right at the same time bc it felt comfortable. Ed became more to me than just a friend & also practically a support. He led me to getting out of the situation I was in and doing better for my child and I. If I wanted something he always encouraged me to go and get it that I could do it unlike my husband. We got into a relationship while trying to get a divorse. Always had a great friendship beyond anything can joke about anything & everything our children met things got a lot more serious than I thought. But somehow my ex always managed to get a hold of me and I always tried helping him (drugs, unemployed etc) I would hang out with him so my son can see him after a while ed got tired of it dealing with my ex always harrasing me and me not putting a complete end to it. Threats in fact just everything. & I fully understood were he came from. He said I disappointed him and broke his heart. We ended our relationship still staying as friends and having love for each other. I know I messed up for not showing him more love and appreciation. I asked for a chance and he didn't accept i was fine with it after a while. We'd still talked and sometimes flirted with eachother on another level. Somehow He started acting distant and I confronted him and ask him why he was if we'd stay as friend. He told me there wasn't any reason to getting mad if we weren't together. Itold him that i felt I'd bugged him and I would stop any communication. He told me that I could delete his num. That he didn't care anymore and asked for our friendship to end. Why did he do that? I love him but I feel like he isn't responding to me. Giving mix signals? Should I leave him for good? keep trying?
Should I let him go or keep trying?
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