How to get over your "best" friend?

I fell for my best friend of high school which turned ugly and took too long to end. I'm stuck at a point where EVERY girl I even look at gets compared to her. The few girls that I do see past "the girl that got away" I've been too terrified of the past repeating itself that I don't even talk to them.

I am out of ideas, I work full time, I'm very active outside the house and spend 1-2 hours tops alone behind my computer. Yet for some reason I still find myself checking her FB or tumblr followed with me asking myself why I keep doing this to myself.


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  • It seems like your friendship with her was very strong and deep and that's why are finding it difficult to get over her.

  • This is why that if you're young and single you shouldn't become friends with girls you want to date.


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