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My boyfriend left me about 8 months ago... Basically life got in the way, and it was bad timing... He also told his wife he would try 1 more time before they filed divorce papers... He was trying to get money situated as his youngest was leaving for college... Anyway we had barely any contact if any, it was just to hurtful to try and stay on friendly terms... About 2-3 months ago out of the blue I get A good morning text ! And since then I get a good morning text every other day during the work week... " good morning, hope you have a Great Day" every once in awhile he'll add something else, but we have not talked or seen each other... I am just hoping for some perspective on this situation as I am in the dark, as to what it's all about... Thanks


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  • I don't understand why he would text you all of a sudden and without any reason. Just ignore him. Don't pay attention to that.


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  • Let me simplify it for you. He's a stupid asshole. There. Simple enough?


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