Rebound relationships?

I was a girls rebound for almost a year and then she just broke me off in the middle of the summer. So I've fucked up, and told her how much I miss her and loved her and that I wanted a real relationship and she replied with "I know". Now I'm heartbroken and I really want to show her that I can be so much more than her ex. How do I get her back? And if your response is move on. I don't wanna hear it.
P. S. Her birthday is on the 19 and she broke things off with me on June 28th.
Should I get her a present? Or even say happy birthday?


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  • Dude, you were a REBOUND. You weren't somebody she truly wanted from the start. Have some respect for yourself. You're trying to chase and get back a girl who is not only looking the other way, but you were not something that fulfilled what she needed. She was only using you as a distraction.

    If you have to heavily convince and beg for somebody to come back, that's really sad. She should want you naturally all on her own, but she doesn't. Sure, get a present, but buying her stuff shouldn't be the way for her to come back. That's almost like bribing her.

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    • Nah, don't ever, EVER settle for less. She wants to be friends, but you want more than that. She's getting what she wants, but you're not. Now, I'm not saying to totally abandon her, because maybe she might feel something for you in the future. You just never know.

      All I'm saying is never chase after a girl if she doesn't want you, or if she's making it difficult for you to juggle what she's actually feeling and communicating. She either likes you or she does.

      For the meantime, maintain a respectable friendship. Don't bring up the past, don't bring up asking her to give you another chance, just be neutral. You might surprise her if she sees you're backing off and respecting her space. Sometimes people need awhile to realize they took somebody for granted, and she may chase after you later.

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  • It's never good being a rebound to someone, it's like that person was never interested in you in the first place. Not a good situation to be in.


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