Should I block her?

I was seeing this girl she was crazy about me and I was crazy about her. She called me in the morning one day just to tell me she misses me and loves me and all that stuff and told me she'd call me after work. She ended up calling me after work but I missed her call and tried calling her back, but I was blocked. I know I didn't do anything wrong except for miss her call, so I figured if she blocked me just because of that then it wouldn't have worked out anyway. So I blocked her back so she wouldn't try to contact me again. A couple days later I started getting all these unknown calls. I figured it was her and didn't answer. After a little while she had made a fake account on instagram because it was tied to her phone, I let her follow me and tried following her but she wouldn't accept but still liked all my pictures. I really loved this girl so much we got along great until the end, but I think she has too many issues and it would just be too much drama for me. Should I block her from instagram too or try to contact her or what?
Should I block her?
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