Should I reach back out to my ex?

I had been in a relationship with a guy off and on for about 6 years. There would be periods of time where he would not contact me. I knew back then that he was seeing other women but my love for him and low self esteem did not allow me to walk away. When we were together, wanted to be around him all the time and know I was being clingy. Eventually, I discovered he was engaged to another woman and was extremely hurt. A couple of months prior to me find out about the engagement, he asked me to meet him at a local coffee shop but never showed up. I was angry at him and confronted him about the engagement. His response was that he needed to be with someone who will be his better half which hurt me even more. A few months later the fiance sent a message to me on Facebook asking if he was still seeing me and I told her "No". They did marry the following year. Last year he contacted me and wanted to meet back up with me. He said he wanted to apologize about hurting me and to catch up. My instinct told me his wife was pregnant and probably wasn't getting too much sex out of her. I was right, he actually thought I was going to have sex with him which was disrespectful and I should have given him a piece of my mind. Several months later, I felt that I needed to see him face to face in order to finally get some closure. It sounds crazy, but I do miss him (I have not desire at all to sleep with him). I asked him how did he feel about meeting. He turned down my invite saying it was not a good time for him but I knew it had to do with the birth of his child. It took me awhile to get over the initial hurt and anger. Should I just let this go?
Should I reach back out to my ex?
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