Is she hiding something else?

I dated this girl for 7 months. At the begining we would text and call each other all the time. We would go on dates like any other couple and telling each other how much we loved each other. Down the road her texts and call became less frequent. I couldnt manage to get another date from her. She would say she was busy or tired. She also delwted me from all social media. I really didn't know what was wrong or if i did anything wrong. Recently she finally said that its her and not me. And non of this is my fault so dont worry and beat yourself up. She says she is complicated, i wouldn't understand and she doesn't want to hurt me. The thing is isnthat whats hurts the most is her leaving me. As much i tell her i love her and say that it doesn't matter that well work through it, she tells me that she can't see us together anymore or ever. Is she hiding more or should i accept her reasons and move on? I really love her but i dont want to let go.
Is she hiding something else?
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