Ever broke up with your boyfriend only to realise that was a mistake and went back to him?

We were together for 10 months. I broke up with him a few days ago because I haven't been happy for a while. I think I don't love him the way I used to but I also have too much going on in my life (stress, depression, anxiety) at the moment so that could be affecting how I feel about him. He's a great guy so I don't know if it's right to let him go. He said he'd wait till I start to feel better about my life so I can give our relationship another chance. I said I'd think about it but can't guarantee anything because I have no idea what's gonna happen in the future.

Has it ever happened to you that you broke up with your boyfriend thinking you didn’t love him the same way that you used to because your life was a mess? But after breaking up you started missing him and realised that you still loved him and wondered if he’d be willing to you another chance?

BOYS: Has your ex ever come back to you after breaking up with you for similar reasons?


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  • You are lucky he said he'd wait till you start to feel better, this means he's a good guy and understands what you are going through

    If you miss him tell him so and ask to meet him

    • I don't know if it's a good idea to meet him right now. I want to wait a while and let things cool down before meeting up

    • That's alright, tell him so then, say you miss him and would wanna meet him when you feel better

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  • Sometimes I wonder if breaking up with my son's dad was a mistake, and a huge overreaction. He made a mistake of his own, and I do know deep down that what happened is not who he is. It's just something he did in the moment.

    At the moment things aren't great with us and and we're waiting on a court date about our little boy. I do miss him and sometimes I do just want to call him or see him, but I'm not really supposed to have any direct contact with him right now, and it would only complicate everything, and things are enough of a mess as it is.
    I don't know what will happen when all this is over, but it's very highly unlikely that we could ever get back together and that's weird to think.
    Some days I just want him to stay away from both my son and I for good, other days I just want him here. It's a heart and head thing.

    At least for you, thinking about it is better than nothing. Even if it doesn't happen straight away, you may end up with something to build on.

    Also, people change after a break up, you're not the same person. The two of you may have something better than before, or you may even decide that ending things with him was the right decision after all.

    Everyone has doubts about these things. Give it some time.


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  • After 14 years of marriage my ex wife did the same thing. Destroyed everything. Ended up regretting it hardcore.
    Nothing worse then a fickle woman.

    He should walk away and never turn around.


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  • I broke up with my boyfriend only to realize that it was a mistake to date him in the first place. I never looked back.


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