It's been 16 months since the break up, 8 months since we stopped talking, and I still think about him a lot. what can I do?

we dated for two and a half years. he was my first boyfriend and we had even talked about marriage and a future together. he ended up cheating on me and keeping it a secret for a month, dumping me, using me for sex, leading me on and making it seem he still had feelings and we'd get back together, admitting to having another girlfriend that he had been cheating on her with me, and then blocking me on social media and telling me to get out of his life. a few days ago he unblocked me on social media but i haven't talked to him in 8 months. i don't know why i can't let go of this relationship and hope that we will get back together. any advice?


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  • Well first of all, don't get back together with him. LOL... He has already proved himself to be unworthy of you by his actions. So in light of that, move on and get to know other people and spread your wings out. There are quality people out there to get to know. This one you are referring to sounds like someone with life issues to reconcile. I don't mean to sound mean, but I'd say forget about him and move on.

    • do you think he might ever come back?

    • Well you know, even if he does come back I say don't get back together with him. I understand your feelings about him but you know there are quality people out there who will be a better match. He already proved himself to be a cheater. // My advice is to meet as many people as possible even without the intent of dating right away. At your age you're bound to meet someone who you will really like that would treat you better.

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  • I'm sorta in the same boat, I know how it feels. I think you should try and start talking to other guys just so you're able to picture yourself with other guys and not only him. Also get rid of any gifts he got you, it's a horrible feeling, I know 😔

    • i feel like no boys compare to him. i don't know how to get over him :( i miss him so much

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    • do you think maybe someday he will come back?

    • Honestly, you never know, he could. But why would you want to be with someone like that? Once a cheater always a cheater

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