Just was wondering like why is that?

Why everytime me and my boyfriend break up he never come back im always the one to text him first or call first and why is it that he can go days witout talking to me like a whole day but me ill be tossing and turning missing him waiting for him to text me. On his facebook ill always see his friends go up like if he adding girls each day and when i click on some of the girls pages i see he like all they pictures like what to do leave him? Because i feel unwanted and used.


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  • you are in a cycle relationship don't get back together and completely block him on everything

    that's the only way to end the cycle
    he obviously isn't right for you
    nor does he care about you like you do him

    you're wasting your time
    sorry if I seem mean

  • No, some people have the ability to shut you out and appear to the rest of the worl as if everything's good. My wife was like that and it really pissed me off.

    • Im just here hurt

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    • Thanks a lot and i dont really know how to use this lol how do i pm you?

    • Click on my username "aqualung" and it'll bring you to my page. In the upper right portion of the page you'l see three icons; "follow", Block" and an "envelope" which is the messaging icon. Click on the envelope to send me a message. Once I receive it, I'll be present in your "messages" section. Also pls fell fre to follow me, but that means you'l be notified of all my replies, which you may not want. Try it ASAP

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