Does he want to possibly get back together?

My ex and I were together for most of my freshman year of college. We spent all our time together, but ended up getting in to arguments we just couldn't seem to work out. Eventually, he broke up with me. We said we'd be friends, and for the first month apart we texted all day but only saw each other once (our attempt to do so). Eventually, that just fizzled out, and I went home for the summer and we didn't text at all. I randomly got a text from him as the summer is closing and he knows I'm coming back to school. He asked me how I am and if he can help me move in to my apartment. I said yes, as I thought it was sweet of him to offer. My question is, do guys usually come back because they want to get back together?


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  • No just to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. You will not be friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Never get back with an ex


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