My wife had an affair?

Huh The guy was supposed to be my "best friend". For three or four years they had an affair (even in my own bed and my son's bed). I never caught them, she finally told me about it and said she loved me and would never do it again and will never see or talk to this man again, should I forgive her, and how can I ever get my trust back, and get this knife I feel is sticking in my back out? how long before the pain goes away, because I don't even want to live anymore, it hurts so bad. The guy's got an a** kicking when I see him, but should I trust her again?


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  • i completely get your pain im going through the same thing if u truly love her u will forgive her but the pain takes time to ease i wish everyday i didn't think of the pain that i have but i forgave my husband but that doesn't mean i can forget what happened only time will tell. if u can't forgive her and stay with her u and her are only going to be miserable. good luck.


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  • Here's the thing...

    Will the pain go away enough to make taking her back palatable? Maybe.

    But if you *did* get over that pain and take her back, what does that say about you? Are you willing to accept being treated like a POS? And if so, how could you live with that?

    I know I'm not in your shoes -- and I certainly don't envy you. I just can't imagine how a good man could take this woman back and feel good about himself.


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  • no!!! once a cheater always a cheater!!! dump her because you and your kid deserve better

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater


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