Ex has access to my health insurance info online?

my husbands ex has access to our insurance online. she has everything set up with her information. email, password etc. i asked her for the info and she refused. his son is covered our insurance which is in our name via work. i dont like her having access to our personal information. she is no longer on this account. legally shouldn't we have access to the insurance and not her. she should be asking us for info if needed. technically all she should need is the cards correct? but she argues that she needs access... i dont believe this to be true.
mind u my husband and i have been married for 3 years. meaning she hasn't been on it for 6.
i have half a mind to go over her head and just change everything my calling the company.


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  • Sit hubby down ASAP, and lay the ground Rules Today. Tell him this Ghost from the Past, and it isn't a Blast, when She Still Has... Access that is None of her Busy Bee Business, has to Go with No more Show.
    Tell him to Change his Username and Password with this Account, to Put this to Bed. He could have Done Ages Ago, So What I Want to Know from your Joe, is What the heck has He been Waiting for here, dear?
    Good luck. xx

    • lol this comment was entertaining. i agree i have been telling him to get on the phone with the insurance company and change all the information. but he says "i forgot" or "i just haven't got around to it. its starting to really be a problem.

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    • Thanks for the Like, hun. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • "they haven't been married for three years, meaning she hasn't been covered for six."
    This makes no sense. I've been divorced for 3 years, and I haven't been on his insurance for three years... ANYAWAYS,

    Why doesn't your husband give you access to this account? This ex wife who isn't even on the plan doesn't have the legal authority to give you that information.

    • actually it does make sense cause i never said SHE was covered i said THEIR SON WAS COVERED ANYWAYS.

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    • oh and no i have full access to everything i dont need permission being married to have access to our insurance ur kidding right lol thats laughable

    • You keep saying you're done...

  • Call the company, don't waste your time talking to her. Hell press charges if it comes too it


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