Ex didn't get why I wished he came out?

I still have feelings for my ex. I feel like we are not done in many ways. since bu which was 3 months ago he has initiated contact and then we talked and had sex a few times. I also had to see him for 3 weeks straight. eveey co worker saw how we kept looking at each other. They said it's undeniable that there is still something there. i asked him to come out to friends birthday party last night and he said he prob couldn't because of a work dinner. I later on texted him about wishing he had come and be didn't understand why. I just told him I was leaving soon and asked what he was doing but I know he prob fell asleep. Should I say sorry and maybe just ask to hang tonight and or talk and see how it goes? I need to lay it all out on the table and tell him. It's so confusing. how do I go about this?


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  • " I need to lay it all out on the table and tell him. "
    I know the feeling. There are some exes I'd like to have a talk with about our issues back then, out there.
    But one lives 4000 miles away, anothers are happily married, (so it seems), another one is a nearly bankrupt widow and looks for a generous single.

    We should have talked it out , back then, but it all seemed so obvious.

    • So, I should make an effort and just tell him how k still feel?

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    • The sooner you do it, the more possible it seems in my opinion I regret missing a'closure' back then.

    • Ok, Yeah its been 3 months since the breakup but still very real and some things still seem to be there. Knowing is always better a part of me says we are still an unwritten story and the other says its done

  • Forget him he is your ex now. stay away from him Or be ready to break your heart for the second time.


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