Why did he leave/block me without warning?

Sorry for the length. I was friends with benefits with a guy for months now. He wanted a relationship, pushed for it, but I wasn't in a good place for one which he respected it. He hoped I'd be open to one which I said I would be. Also said he wasn't looking for anyone. A couple weeks confirmed this was still all true and I added that I was in a better place, but would leave becoming more up to him if/when he decided, no pressure.

About a week ago we had a great night (FaceTime) he sent a sweet good night text and the following morning I was blocked. We have gone on dates before so it's not a cyber relationship, but is long distance.

Crazy thing is a friend who graduated with him thought he was married and a couple weeks ago he said something that made me suspect it was true. I asked indirect questions (bc I was stupidly nervous) and saw no ring/ring tan line so concluded he wasn't.

Obviously speculation, but maybe he was and got caught? What do you think? Will I hear from him again? End of next month we were going to be spending a week together. I appreciate any answers and insight.
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When I asked him questions they were sporadic. I didn't interrogate him or ask anything invasive or off putting
Why did he leave/block me without warning?
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