I'm so lost and in need of help?

I have been with my husband for a total of 13 years, married for 3. These past couple of years have been in my opinion, awful. First things first, he has a habit of trolling craigslist casual encounter ads. Even going so far as sending pics via email. I thought this was over until recently when he sent me a picture from one of the ads, claiming it was me. He claimed that his friends told him I post ads all the time. (Which I haven't) So, I emailed the woman in the ad and she gladly sent proof that it wasn't me in the pictures. Even after presenting him with this, he still tried forcing me into admitting it was me. When I confront him with anything that I don't like or feel is wrong, he always tells me it's because I'm crazy or because I must be getting ready to start me period. He makes me feels crazy. He says that I ask for too much when all I ask for (verbatim) is respect, empathy and compassion and that no one will ever make me happy. He's very selfish in that any decesion I make he is more concerned with how it will affect him more than anything else. I lovehim, but I'm not sure I am in love with him. We have two children together and I don't want to hurt them or him but I feel like if I have to keep telling him what I need from him and he doesn't think he should have to change, then I am only left with one option. I just feel so guilty for doing it... help.


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  • Sounds like a pretty lousy relationship honestly.
    How old are the kids?
    I don't think you should stay in a bad relationship like this "for the kids". You would be better off if you could agree to a divorce, remain on good terms (act like adults), and find someone who you could have a healthy, loving relationship with to set a good example for your kids. You want them to grow up and know what a loving relationship looks like, not have them think that it's normal and healthy to be in an unhappy, cold, disrespectful relationship... because if that's how they see mommy and daddy, it's probably what they'll go out and create when they grow up too.


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  • I mean if you're not happy leave. The kids shouln't be a reason for you to stay


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