Why does my husband make me insecure and threaten to leave me every other day?

My husband recently left me and come back on the terms I would be "submissive" sexually and in normal day to day life watch what I say to him etc utmost respect. He doesn't respect me that mug to tbh I don't think. I mean he says he loves me all the time words are easy tho. Found out he text my only friend last night at 3am looking for his male friend to watch the fight with. They got talking a bit in text he told me it was short and sweet but I visited my friend and saw a lengthy chat history from last night ". Point is because I confronted him he said he wot put up with me and will leave again? Why do this to a nice girl I'm crushed inside don't know what to do or think anymore help?


Most Helpful Guy

  • This guy is an immuture, insecure, bully. No other way of putting it! No lady deserves being treated like this. Next time he threatens to leave, wish him good luck and DON'T come back.

    Then go find a decent guy who has the utmost respect for you and that can treat you as an equal.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Please leave or let him for your own self respect.
    Thats an abusive relationship.


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  • Leave him. He's doesn't deserve you. And you are being mentally abused (and maybe sexually as well). He's already fu*king with your head. Get out ASAP

  • He is being emotionally abusive to try to take control of you.

    Words are easy. Actions aren't.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's trying to control you


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