I don't know what to do... I still love her?

my girlfriend of four years was sleeping she had just worked a double at work and left her phone plugged into my charger now I picked up the phone and unplug her phone from the charger and as everyone knows when you unplug it u see texts I noticed she had multiple text messages unopened from her son's football coach so I open them figuring it was some information about the next game but when I open it I noticed that they are engaging in somewhat sexual conversations about sending pictures and this and that and have noticed that they have been talking for about a month prior to this incident I had noticed that he is texting her a lot more than normal and she told me that there was nothing to worry about everything was about football or she would tell me the specifics of the conversation like what they were talking about practice and the team mom and water bottles and this and that so I let it go the problem is this has been an ongoing thing with her with other people she is bisexual so there's been times when I have called her having inappropriate conversations with her ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends so I have forgiven her because I figured okay it's not as bad as I think maybe I'm messing up and she's looking for a tension which I could understand I was working 10 in the morning till 10 at night for about a year so I was never home we barely ever talked it was I come home I go right to sleep to get up in the morning so it was understandable so we work through those differences but recently I have broken my ankle and have currently been off work and off my feet for about six and a half weeks recovering so when I came across this I found it somewhat hurtful because I have been home I've been giving her attention and to see that the person I was told not to worry about just like incidents in the past is obviously the person I should have been worried about my dilemma is I still love this girl I don't know how to make it work I don't feel that I could ever trust her
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  • You ignored the first red flag, her texting her exes. No one text their ex if they are over them and in a relationship. She has no respect for you. And since you were ok with those she keeps doing more extreme things because she knows you will take her back. Leave her please because that's cheating and it will go further if you allow her to disrespect again. You deserve someone better then that don't settle for her it will only be heartache for. I think she is only with you because you're there. You can love someone from a distance. You need to love yourself more than this person, because if you love yourself more. you will see how she is disrespecting you and won't allow anyone to do that. You will also know what you want from a relationship. She is not the one.


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  • Should we talk about it..


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  • Yeah she's seeing other people/cheating behind your back, especially if she's having sexual test messages with other people. You can talk to her about it but honestly I would just leave at this point.. you seen the messages and now you feel like you can't trust her... and if you feel that way its best to just leave.

  • So you're gone for over a year not paying attention to her and now all of a sudden you wonder why she's doing what she's doing. Can't really blame her. The only thing that you both should have done from the beginning is break up.


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