Would you break up with her/him over this?

For the past 6 months things have been like this, but let me just show everything over the past 20 days.

Aug 1st, on the brink of killing themself.

Aug 2nd, they were in a fight with a mutual friend and asked me to talk to them, I ended up fighting with them too.

Had a group meetup planned for Christmas, I wouldn't be able to go due to medical issues. She fought me and called me selfish and then was on the brink of killing herself again.

Aug 3rd, an event we had scheduled they said they didn't want to go to because it gave them anxiety (after they had confirmed to go.)

Every time we see each other we hangout and watch movies, this time they wanted to bake a cake, I didn't want to. They fought me calling me selfish and saying all I wanted to do was lay around and be lazy with them.

Aug 4th, we were supposed to meet up, she overslept and we ended up not getting together because she was going to be too late.

Aug 5th, we had planned to go to an event all day together, my friend had managed to get her and me a free ticket. She then remembered she had an old friend coming into town so she asked me if I had another ticket for her, then when I said I didn't, she asked if I could get her one.

Aug 6th, when I offered to buy them something they said yes and then had me buy something for all of their friends. It only ended up being like $10. But I make very little money.

we were going to the event the next day, and we both had to have specific outfits. They got the wrong color and we almost didn't go. They tried to partially pin it on me.

that night asked if I could give them money for their friend from out of town. (Apologized for asking a little bit after.)

Aug 7th, overslept and was late for the event.

Aug 14th, I asked if they wouldn't mind deleting a picture they had posted on social media and they fought me for hours on it.
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19th, our anniversary is the 20th. We had planned for 3 weeks to go to disney just the two of us. Then she suggested having friends meet us after about 6 hours, I agreed. Then the night before, she asked if they friends could spend the morning with us and we would just ask them to leave for an hour or two. I wasn't okay with that and we ended up fighting all night and they ultimately didn't go with me on our anniversary.
Would you break up with her/him over this?
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