Expressing my feelings to ex. Has anyone ever and how to go about it?

I am not one to really come out and express myself in ways. Me and my ex broke up 3 months ago and I still very much love him and want to and feel like we are still an unfinished story. Our breakup was weird as before we were very happy. He was dealing with a lot. After the bu he contacted first we still talked and had sex a few times I also had to work with him for the last 3 weeks which was hard. Everyone said it was undeniable that there was something with us. They saw him looking at me all the time and me looking too. I tried to stay professional and not really talk to him much because its hard. Well anyway I want to express my feelings to him although I know it may not go as planned. Has anyone every expressed their feelings to an ex? How did you go about doing it like did u text and ask to meet in person, what did they say or did you just do it through text? How did it end up? Like i said not sure how to go aboout doing this as I never really do it but want to because i do see something happening at some point.


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  • may be circumstances and what you've heard from your friends motivate you to do what you have in heart, but I don't recommend you to take that step... cuz as you said (it may not go as planned. you're right about your thought and that's mean things won't go as you planned... cuz who really loves you won't make you face the difficulty in expressing your feelings.

    stop chasing the wrong people in your life.. cuz regrets leaving that relationship is better than meeting to do the same mistake again.
    just be honest with yourself and let the truth slaps you to make you think wisely.

  • Don't do it. Exes are exes because it didn't work. If he shows interest it's only to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. It will not work period.


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  • I'd say as well stay away from him. There is plenty of fish in the sea 😄


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