Boyfriend never let me to tag our pictures on fb?

I've been dating for 6 months but he just added me on facebook yesterday which i asked for that and he never initiate himself to do it first. I tagged him a few pics there but i found the pics has been removed by him and it end up with the result im stalking his pictures which i never care before. i still found a few of pics of him with her ex and it is not a tagged. He posted it by himself. It is not about jealousy, before I understand that it just a pic from long time ago and i thought he doesn't care about it which is means removing picture or keep it there is not a big deal for him but after he removed my tagged pictures on fb i feel offended and it is kinda rude. I wanna talk about it with him but i don't want our relationship turn into a mess
So pls need suggestions, thanks in advance


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  • How often do you see each other?

    • We are working from Monday till Friday we usually meet each other every weekend sometimes if we are really busy we meet only twice in a month. He have asked me to move and live with him but I told him that his place is quite far from my office. I still have no clue If we are really in a relationship But we have been dating for 6 months And he says that he loves me
      Maybe it Just a words. I have no idea

    • Seems weird... it's one thing if someone just isn't active on Facebook and doesn't add or change pics but to actually delete them? Seems like he's trying to hide you...

    • I have no idea..
      He introduce me to all his friends
      And bring me hang out with them sometimes

  • Just ask him why


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