Should I pretend I am happy without her?

The truth is I am not, she broke my heart so many times I stopped trying to patch things up with her, I am not friends with her on social media now, should I pretend that I am happy? *****because If I show how sad I am I feel like she's gets happy to see that (she stalks me)******

When I stopped trying to get back with her she went mad, it's like she only wants the drama, what do I do? :(


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  • Stop giving her the time of day. Don't speak to her or acknowledge her. Act like she doesn't exist anymore. If you two must talk at some point be polite and neutral but don't treat her like an ex just act like she's an acquaintance.

    And most importantly stop thinking about her. It's really hard, but it can be done. Don't worry about what she thinks.

    • The not thinking about her is really tough, she's the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and I instantly start to feel very uncomfortable and hurt, and through out the day I keep getting sudden thoughts about her, Sadly I really think the only way to get back at her for now is to pretend that I moved on, while I am actually working on moving on litrally and moving to another country to coninue my flight training (I am a pilot), I hope I don't sound like a bad person, but I really want to get revenge because it's the only way for her to know that what she did to me was wrong

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    • That's good for you, I don't like talking to others much (except today apperantly) I'd rather be alone most of the time lol

    • Find what works for you- trial and error

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  • Lol! How do you know she stalks you? Obviously she's making you unhappy more than anything else. Delete her number & move on. X

  • Break your heart as in? Doing things that upset you?
    You don't have to pretend, that's for sure. She sounds possessive, if I may say so. She wants you to compromise and give in to her, so if you 'try to get back' with her, the drama will only go on and on. Just block her off if you do not want her stalking your social media.

    It's also time for you to take a break, because mental/emotional drama can sometimes do much more damage than physical abuse. You need to also sit down and consider if it is worth it to go on with her. Start thinking for and about yourself before considering about how she feels.

    • Hey thanks for replying, we were together for a while then broke up, I tried to get back with her, she turned me down so I stopped talking to her, she became sad/upset so I tried again but the same thing happned around 4 times, soI stopped trying all together.

      I was already dealing with depression when I met her which is probably why she broke up with me later, this has only made it worse :(, so I dectivated my facebook for few months, but I had to reactivate lately

      She can still stalk me from any other account even if I block her, and I just don't want to give her the impression that I still think about her by blocking her

      This is so messed up I know, I feel like the only way to deal with her is to pretened because it makes her mad to think that I no longer care about her even though she turned me down many times :(

    • Private your facebook then? Just change the audience on your posts and pics to Just friends only so she wouldn't be able to view. I think you should just pay no heed to her, precisely because who breaks up with someone just because the person is suffering from depression? Seriously, you don't have to pretend and just her do what she wants. Feelings will fade over time and you deserve way better than being demoralized by what she does to you.

    • Yes absolutely, I did that a while ago and it made things much easier, this whole thing sounds stupid I know, sometimes I wish fb never existed!

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