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my ex girlfriend dumped me about 7 months ago after she found out I had sent a text to a girl asking them to hook up(terrible decision). we still talk quite a bit and we'll hang out when I'm home from school and we'll hook up every now and then. sometimes she'll come over come onto me and then the next day say she doesn't think we should talk or hang out anymore for a while. she's done that a few times. is she just f***ing with me or what?


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  • She still has feelings for you but doesn't want to get too close because that means you can hurt her again. She's not f***ing with you... she wants YOU ...she just knows its not the right decision because of your prior actions (almost cheating). If you want her back assure her that will never happen again and stick to it. Nobody wants to be cheated on...including you I'm sure, because it f'in sucks and it hurts peoples feelings and its just messy ... so if you guys do get back together treat (if she does take you back) treat her good! don't be an ass again, its not cool.



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  • Honestly, I feel like she might be f***ing with you. I would know, because I've done it to a guy before--not proud of it, but I've done it.

    She may not want you anymore, but she doesn't want you to want anyone else. You know what I'm saying? She wants to be your sole interest, so that's why she keeps coming back to hook up and things like that. Eventually, she'll move on, but she might still try and keep you under her fingernail. If you move on, she'll be p*ssed. Like I said, I would know.

    What's happening isn't healthy. It'd be in both of your best interests to move on. Maybe you should have a serious talk with her--face to face!--about what's been going on. Ask her: does she want you back, in a commited relationship? Or not?


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