I had sex with my ex.. I want him back... What should I do?

So my Ex and I were together for 2 years but we broke up and our anniversary was yesterday would be 3 years. We broke up and we didn't talk for a month and we went to the same party and then that's when things started. We started talking everyday and we hung out and he kissed me the first time we hung out. Then we had sex and that's when I started to get attached and he started getting attached and wasn't good cause we weren't dating or anything but we called each other babe and said I love you. But we were both single we were pretty much dating without a title so we can be single and have fun. Then I kept hurting him and wasn't working out and we took a break for a couple of days. We hung out today and we kissed and hugged and we were back on square one. I don't know what to do cause I'm soooo in love with him and i don't if I should let him go or keep trying with him. We were together since freshman year and when we're off to college he wants me to move in with him even if we aren't together. Exs can be friends right? I see my future with him. I need advice please.
I had sex with my ex.. I want him back... What should I do?
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