He is answering me again more. Show him im still there and that I care?

So we broke up 4 months ago. I still have feelings. Since bu he was the initiator of contact. We talked he texted and we had sex a few times. It was still difficult. I also had to see him everyday for the past 3 weeks at a summer camp I was helping one of my students at. He worked there. All the counselors said it was undeniable that we had something. They said they saw him stare at me and me look at him. it was like those people that look at each other and when they see they look down. They said that it was very obvious something was there. I asked him to come out for friends bday he said he prob couldnt bc of work dinner. I later on said i wished you did and he didn't understand why. The next day I said sorry and he responded the night after asking why i was sorry and he was in bed. I said I don't know what i thought. He also responded with a question that i didn't know why i was sorry? I slept texted i dont remember lol and i just read it this morning. Oh god so now i am texting him that it was late. Tomorrow is his bday and im texting him at midnight to wish him one. Can these little things show that i still care and could we spark something again?


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  • Don't do it it'll be a big mistake. Exes are exes for a reason and should stay exes. You will breakup again. He's only interested in you to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else


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