Is there any way to get rid of a girl you once loved or replace her by someone like her?

2 years ago i broke up with a girl whom i once loved. I still love her as her beauty and personality are incredible. I spent 1 year trying to forget her but in vain. I can't even delete her pics from my mobile phone neither as she was part of my life.

I happened to see her quite a few times. I also stalk through her Facebook profile. Well, I'm still thinking about her and i don't know how to deal with this predicament.


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  • You are a 26 year old adult man. The relationship is over. It's never coming back. Get over it.

    Delete the pictures. Block her social media accounts. Move on with your life and stop making excuses.


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  • I feel your pain. A girl that I really really liked left me a couple months ago out of nowhere, just stopped talking to me without explanation. I still have feelings for her and can't forget her just like your feeling. There's no way to "get rid of her", the memories will always be there and you likely won't ever forget them. However, I would recommend to you to stop looking at her social media or pics that you have of her, they will only make the memories more vivid and bring back old feelings. Since she left me I have attempted to stop looking at pics of her and you should do the same, it will only get harder to forget if your constantly looking at her. To answer the other part of your question, you can't find a " replacement ", everyone is different. Maybe something will work out and you can be together again, that's what I'm hoping will happen for me, but you can't just get a replacement. The most likely scenario is you will find someone better eventually who is meant to be with you. If it didn't work out with this last girl, it probably wasn't meant to be. I know its hard to accept as I'm having a hard time too. Hopefully time will heal, and someone better will come along for you.


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