Did he break up with me?

my boyfriend and i live 3 hrs away from each other so our main method of communication is calls and texts. well recently i noticed our lengthy conversations would get short, and it seemed like he would always try to rush me off the phone, be disinterested, and would say i'll call you and then take longer to call me back.

i asked him if his feelings changed and if he met someone else. i told him if he would like to take some space i would understand. he told me no, he still loves me and that nothing his changed.

however he hasn't called or texted me in 2 days. we haven't spoken in 2 days people!! i would reach out to him, but you know what, im always the first one to text or call so i decided to sit back and see if he would reach for me the way that i do him.

i know he has been having job stress and has been having custody battles with his ex so i understand he could be stressed and need space. but he hasn't communicated that with me and won't talk about whats going on. im just not hearing from him... so was this his cowardly way of braking up with me?


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  • You mean break. It certainly doesn't look good for the future


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  • Sounds like the way my ex ended things... I asked if he wanted to break up and he just said "it's not working out" then stopped talking to me. Please do not message him. I wish I hadn't said anything else after that. He didn't deserve to see me suffer and in pain. Make it like it's not a big deal


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