Why my Girlfriend break up with me?

Well me and my girlfriend were in relationship for 8 years. Everything was going well. Suddenly, she says said that she want to break up with me and blame me for the reason she changing. Well i told her don't to make decision right away. So i gave her space to think about us then i contact her after 2 week then she said she is seeing someone else. I just gave her space for us not to make another someone. I feel its not right after having such a long relationship. Now I have no means of communication she blocked me on everything. Yesterday I found that she changed her number. After doing this i still want her and i don't know what to do?
there is another problem. She live in same place as I am. just 10, 20 minutes from my home. If we see each other what to i say? should i just ignore her for what she did? or should talk with her? i don't even know what to say to her?
As i saw my emotional state rises and gets panic? I don't know what to do?


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  • She's an inconsiderate bitch. If you do see her though, you should confront her about it. Hopefully you move on


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  • realize how selfish she is... the relationships overlapped... she got bored with you and started looking around, found someone, once it was safe (ie with someone else) broke up with you-total sleaze move.

    grow from it, get over her, she was a fraud. Would you rather you married her and this happened in the marriage? She sounds cold, fake, and like a cheater to me... plenty of those in the sea, nothing special there.

    find a NICE girl next time. for example-NOT one that is IN or just got out of a relationship

    • thank you

    • i been there... and i been there IN a marriage... trust me, you dont want that. but dont go running out to find another girl.. REINVENT yourself now-that will shock her and make her take a 2nd look... and then you will get to reject her (and should) ... works every time.

      this shit happens to the best of us... you're only 21, this was a sandbox squabble even though it doesn't feel like it. Now you're free!

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  • Dude, she was dating someone else before she broke up with you. Why do you want a woman who disrespects you?

  • Fuck that bitch, who needs her... Move on

    She wants to blame you for her changing? She changed on her own, she just wants someone to blame and an excuse to break up with you. Probably cheated on you way before you broke up too.

    She ain't worth your time.

    Kick that slag to the curve 👊

  • she's been cheating.

  • She wanted more money.

  • That really sucks... truth is she wasn't that good a girl... instead of talking to you she met some else and left you...

    You deserve better... I'm sorry man

    • thank you!

      its really unfair.

    • Are you only 21? You will find someone way better! Just take your time and focus on yourself for now...

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