Why my Girlfriend break up with me?

Well me and my girlfriend were in relationship for 8 years. Everything was going well. Suddenly, she says said that she want to break up with me and blame me for the reason she changing. Well i told her don't to make decision right away. So i gave her space to think about us then i contact her after 2 week then she said she is seeing someone else. I just gave her space for us not to make another someone. I feel its not right after having such a long relationship. Now I have no means of communication she blocked me on everything. Yesterday I found that she changed her number. After doing this i still want her and i don't know what to do?
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there is another problem. She live in same place as I am. just 10, 20 minutes from my home. If we see each other what to i say? should i just ignore her for what she did? or should talk with her? i don't even know what to say to her?
As i saw my emotional state rises and gets panic? I don't know what to do?
Why my Girlfriend break up with me?
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