Is their hope?

After 4 year relationship, this is our biggest break up ever. He can't seem to handle the fact I broke it off ...again. And he won't compromise. After the break up...the first week their was a chance of getting back, but I was so upset I always fought with him.

Its now been a month since our break up and its gone from me blaming him to him blaming me and cursing at me. To both of us realizing our mistakes but he's no compromising.

Now we barley talk...theirs a txt from his every other day or every 2 days that I sometimes will answer...because I'm afraid he won't answer back again and I'll be hurt.

Now he txt me saying he will never be over me and started a very small convo in txt (nothing about us). Then he stopped answering.

Should I stop answering his txt messages? Because its becoming really hard to move on and very painful and confusing. I want him back but I don't think he does, so I don't wanna give my self hope, which is what he does when he txts me.

Has anyone here gotten back after a long ugly hurtful breakup? And how? I've broken up with him 4 times in 4 yrs. This one being the worst...because he gave up and had enough. At one point he said he would want me back...but he won't compromise..then the next day he would bring up things I did and would curse and push me away.

I'm hurting...should I ignore him? or Should I keep in contact?


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  • I had a similar thing happen to me at the end of last summer. My ex up and left me after 4 years for a very very shallow reason. We tried doing the whole "being friends" thing and all. Then my friends made me realize what a bitch she had turned into. She had been essentially walking all over me for the past few months of our relationship and I just let it happen because I was so in love. About a month after break up, my sadness turned to anger and hate. I sent a mean "wake up" email reminding her of what she came from. She ignored any and all attempts I made to try and work things out, gave me no closure, and just partied her life away. I am still depressed nearly 8 months post-breakup. It's a horrible thing still. We had a rough patch one summer a few years back, but aside from that, we were perfect. It's good you're hurting, I promise he is too. If you ignore him too much you will never get him back. I promise that. So either try working things out with him and get to a place where you two can be civil, or just let it go.


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  • It looks like the relationship is over. I would move on and give each other space


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  • ive just broke up with my boyfriend after 5 years and I thought we would be together forever, I've stopped eating and constanlty being sick

    im hoping he will want me bk but on texts when he finsihed me he sed it was for good so I don't know

    like you should not have any contact

    you have your space he has his

    might make it better and it will be easier to move on

  • You deserve better no guy should cuss at you move on and don't talk to him anymore because then it will get much more harder to move on just forget about him


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